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Some transfer of shares of stock can be done by a simple deed of assignment of shares of stock.
Here's a sample form:
Assignment of Subscription of Stock

Know All Men By These Presents:

That I, _____________, in consideration of ________ Pesos  (P__.00), the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have sold, assigned, transferred and set over and do hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over unto ___________ my right, title and interest as a subscriber to and an incorporator of ______________, INC., a corporation duly organized under the laws of the Philippines, to the extent of ____ shares, and I do hereby request and direct said company to  issue the certificates for said shares to and in the name of said _____________or such other person as he may name.

IN WITNESS WHEROF, I hereunto affix my signature this __________________, Cebu City, Philippines.

Assignor                                            Assignee
Passport No. ____________            Passport No. ____________
Issued on ___________                   Issued on __________
Issued at ___________                    Issued at ____________
Expires on ____________                Expires on _____________

Signed in the Presence of:

________________                __________________

Republic of the Philippines)
City of Cebu..........………..) s. s.


Before me, a notary in the Province and City of Cebu personally appeared the above named persons with their respective Community Tax Certificate/Passport, who is personally known to me to be the same and/ or identified through competent evidence of identity as defined by Rules on Notarial Practice, who presented the foregoing instrument and signed the instrument in my presence, and who took an oath before me as to such instrument. They acknowledge to me that the execution such act or deed is their free and voluntary act.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal, this ____________ at Cebu City, Philippines.

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